Anna Jacobson

Anna is in her second year at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, concentrating on Public International Law and International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. She hails from New Jersey, but has spent most of her pre-graduate school days in Washington, DC and Southeast Asia, including three years working on human rights and conflict-related issues in Myanmar. Anna has worked for several international humanitarian organizations, including the International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps, and for an international development consulting firm. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University, and speaks French and Russian.


Natalie Balents

Natalie is a Boston native and recent graduate of the MALD program at The Fletcher school of Law and Diplomacy. While at Fletcher she pursued her interests in public international law and technology policy. Natalie also weaves her talents in videography and digital storytelling within the field of International Relations. After receiving a B.A. in Philosophy and French, she enjoyed a varied life working internationally in France, Denmark and Estonia. In 2016, she worked for the U.S. Embassy in Tallinn where she cultivated a BSR strategic partnership portfolio for the Public Affairs department.



David Moulton

David Moulton is a MALD candidate concentrating in International Security Studies. He is interested in conflict in the MENA region and particularly in the Libyan civil war. David has worked as a government relations and research consultant in New York, NY and London, UK. In this role, he organized a partnership with Independent Diplomat where he advised the Syrian Coalition and State of Palestine missions to the UN on public diplomacy strategy. In 2015 and 2016 he volunteered teaching English at the Shatilla refugee camp in Beirut, LB and as a peer mentor for at-risk youth in his home community in Canada.